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[S1E1] Dead Weight

The hallway's lights flicker and wires hang from the ceiling. He goes to the nurse's station and tries the phone, but it's dead. He finds a set of matches while also looking for anything else worth taking from behind the desk. Suddenly, a flickering light draws his attention, and through a doorway, Rick sees the ravaged body of a nurse missing most of her skin. A horrified Rick backs away from this. Continuing further down the hallway, he sees that the walls are covered in blood with numerous bullet holes. A double door leading into the cafeteria has been chained shut, a message scrawled across in black paint: "DON'T OPEN/DEAD INSIDE." A pair of grey dishevelled hands reach through the cracks and fiddle with the padlock and chains, moaning and groaning as more fingers start to reach through the cracks growling. Terrified, Rick stumbles backwards.

[S1E1] Dead Weight


He tries the elevator but it's dead, so he exits through a heavy door into a dark stairwell that reeks of rotting flesh. He chokes on the smell as he lumbers down the stairs, lighting matches until he finds the exit. A door opens to the back of the hospital into the loading bay. When Rick's eyes adjust to the bright sunlight, he sees hundreds of decayed, fly-covered bodies wrapped in sheets and arranged in rows and piles. He leaves the hospital and stumbles up a hill. There's a military helicopter, sandbags and other signs of a military cordon, but everything has been abandoned.

When he arrives to Atlanta, he discovers that there is no safe zone like Morgan and Duane described. The entire city is laid abandoned with the streets littered with dead bodies and abandoned military vehicles. Several walkers take notice of Rick and proceed to follow him.

As he rest inside the tank, Rick takes the gun from an apparent dead soldier inside the tank, but the soldier suddenly wakes up; he is a walker. Rick quickly shoots the soldier in the head, but is then disoriented by the loud gunshot reverberating inside the tank. As he recollects himself, he notices his bag of guns on the street. He opens a hatch on the top of the tank, but is quickly noticed by several walkers. He shuts the hatch, as walkers begin swarming the outside of the tank.

Day 402 of the apocalypse. It's October 2011. 13 months have passed "Since the Whole World Blew the Game." Inside a basement bunker, former Ohio State Buckeyes football player Joe (Terry Crews) relives his glory days with 30-year-old VHS tapes. Between pumping weights and playing games of Soduku to keep the old noggin' sharp, Joe calls decades-old plays with his best friend: a Doberman dog named Gilligan.

What's worse than a series of panoramic shots of mutilated, dead soldiers as far as the eye can see? Close-up shots of dead horses with their eyes open, that's what! Because being scarred for life by Artex's death scene in The Neverending Story just wasn't enough.

A robber runs around stealing trinkets from the dead, until one of the corpses is like, Um, what the hell, I'm still (barely) alive. By the way, who won the war? Turns out there's no nice way to say, "Not you."

The season-two premiere opens with a couple of scenes showing the immediate aftermath of Alex and Bradley's big rebellion, which the show now seems to place sometime in early 2019. This sequence goes about the way you would expect, in that Alex's team is frantic to protect her and The Suits are furious. ("You're a dead man," says disgraced network boss Fred "Angela Chase's father from My So-Called Life" Micklen to Cory, to which Cory flatly responds, "Said the corpse.")

At the Dreadfort, Yara leads her crew of ironborn on a raid to rescue Theon. She finds him locked in the kennels with the dogs, but when she tries to free him, he physically fights her off and refuses to acknowledge that he is Theon, not Reek, out of fear of Ramsay. When Ramsay appears and threatens to set his hounds loose on Yara while Theon cowers in the corner of his cage, she realizes that her brother has been broken beyond repair and leaves without him. Back in the boat, she tells her fellow ironborn that Theon is dead.

At the Citadel, Sam is tasked with a daily regimen of less-than-glamorous chores rather than being allowed to do the research he needs to aid Jon in the war against the dead. So when Archmaester Ebrose (Jim Broadbent) denies him access to the restricted section of the Citadel library, he decides to break in anyway. Later, as he studies the stolen books at home with Gilly, he learns that the dragonglass supply that Stannis said existed at Dragonstone is actually massive. Sam then sends a raven to Jon to share the good news.

Another night passes and as day dawns, a bored Hound begins chucking rocks at the wights surrounding the lake. But things quickly go from bad to worse when one of the rocks lands short and alerts the dead that the ice has re-solidified. A battle ensues that seems hopeless for our group of heroes until Daenerys arrives in a fiery blaze and her three dragons begin incinerating the wights. Drogon lands on the island at the center of the lake and everyone besides Jon, who continues fighting the wights, climbs on his back.

As the season 7 finale comes to a climactic close, the Night King and his army finally arrive at Eastwatch-by-the-Sea. While Tormund and Beric watch in horror, the army of the dead emerges from the forest just beyond the Wall. They suddenly hear the roar of a dragon and the Night King flies in on the back of Viserion, who blasts blue fire all over the Wall to bring it crashing down.

However, Jaime gets distracted when he spots Brienne overseeing sparring practice. He leaves to speak with her and tells her that he came to Winterfell to serve under her command in the war against the dead.

NOLANI used to wrestle a little bit in college. I see the plastic sticking out from under your sweat suit. Nothing my girlfriend hated more than when I was trying to make fighting weight. Like my misery was contagious. You know what I mean? [CHUCKLES] Yeah, I can give you a few tips if you'd like. Probably better, though, if the wife doesn't hear, right? 041b061a72


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