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August Shestakov
August Shestakov

Acid House Kings - Music Sounds Better With You (2011)l [EXCLUSIVE]

Los Acid House Kings son la banda de pop número uno de Suecia y ya están listos para conquistar Europa y el mundo. La banda se creó en 1991 con los hemanos Niklas y Johan Angergaard y Joakim Ödlund, y este año lanzaron su quinto trabajo, "Music sounds better with you".

Acid House Kings - Music Sounds Better With You (2011)l

Download Zip:

90. Clean Bandit: New Eyes [Big Beat/Atlantic] 2014As the world tired of the ham-handedness of EDM, Clean Bandit offered a new generation a softer, defter touch on dance music tropes. The kids from Cambridge brought strong classical elements and an approachably twee mentality that embraced rap, piano house, and Mozart with equal levels of earnesty, while tunes like "Rather Be" brought house back to the radio masses.

78. Gorgon City: Sirens [Black Butter/EMI] 2014That garage revival thing was always going to hit the mainstream, and luckily it happened in the form of Gorgon City. The London duo packaged current club sounds into a widely palatable visage without watering down their creative energy. They even managed to squeeze a good few hits out of the process. Club music can live on pop radio too.

41. Deep Dish: George Is On [Thrive] 2005At a time when other DJs of their generation had their asses handed to them when they tried to make an artist album, Deep Dish proved it possible with an LP of melodic, tightly-produced, club-ready, and infectious house music. Plus, they got Stevie Nicks to re-record her vocals for their electronica-fied version of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" and somehow it works.

22. Moby: Everything is Wrong [Mute] 1994The third LP released by the iconically bald electronic musician, Everything is Wrong, was was Moby's first acclaimed electronica album. Expressing his myriad production skills at the height of 90s rave, the daring combination of analog and classical instruments along with ethereal vocals meld together to create the unique warehouse-ready, country-cocaine punk sounds that leave you head-banging, shuffling, and sliding.

1. Daft Punk: Discovery [Virgin] 2001When some extraterrestrial race looks back on the artifacts of 21st century dance music, if Discovery isn't the most importantly examined fossil, it will at least be the soundtrack to their research. The sophomore album by the world's most famous robots is a joyful candy bag of auto-tuned machine-love storylines, French Touch magic, and a plethora of sounds that have become classics to club-kids and shut-ins alike. The relentlessness of "One More Time," the motivational anthem of "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger," the surprisingly emotive "Digital Love," and the dynamic friction of "Face to Face" are standouts in their own right; together they are part of an dancefloor opus. Reliant heavily on samples and made unabashedly with disco love (at a time when disco was paralyzingly uncool, no less), Daft Punk brought electronic dance music to the forefront of modern pop culture, gifting the masses with something that wasn't just infectious, but for many, lifechanging.

Florian Tippe is a bass clarinetist, composer, sound designer and music teacher with a penchant for unpolished, raw sounds. Since 2007, he has used Ableton Live for performances, theatre plays, contemporary dance, sound installations and film music.

Harvey Cubillos is the founder and one of the trainers at DJP Music School, a music production school based in Madrid, Spain. Originally from Colombia, Harvey mixes the native instruments of the Caribbean coast of Colombia with dance music and eclectic sounds into a style he calls Cubilleo.

Josh Garrett has been producing and performing electronic music since catching the techno bug in 1995. In 2004, Ableton Live version 3 became the core of his live p.a. setup. Mainly producing acid and dub techno styles means Josh requires a high degree of flexibility for modulating sounds and effects.

Mayur Jumani is a music producer, composer & content creator based in India. Graduated from Berklee College of Music, he creates unique & entertaining audio-based content for social media. He has worked with the top music production houses in India & has released a range of commercial & Bollywood songs.

Paul Laski, aka P-LASK, is a producer, remixer, sound designer, DJ and music educator with over a decade of experience in the industry. Blending sounds from deep and tech house to garage, techno and beyond, Paul's original productions take on a style of their own, and have been released on such labels as Moody Recordings, Krafted Underground, DTLA, Groovebirds Records, Crowd Records, Interscope Records, Abe Duque Records, as well as his own imprint, Electric Dangerous Records.

Santiago Domingo Devia is a producer, DJ, drummer and Ableton Certified Trainer from Argentina. He has released electronic music under the name Santo Domingo and urban music as S4NTO. Santiago developed his skills as a controllerist in the band Quilombo Eletropical, mixing electronic music with native Latin American sounds.

Syafiq Halid is a sound designer, electronic artist and percussionist based in Singapore. He has developed a unique style, mixing percussion with samples and electronic music influences. Syafiq constantly pushes his boundaries by exploring and experimenting with a variety of sounds and elements. He is the first Ableton Certified Trainer in Singapore.

Vitor is a music producer, electronic musician, sound designer, consultant and educator.He started to produce electronic music in 1999 in genres such as drum and bass, house, techno and breakbeat. Vitor has produced tracks for radio, television and several hip hop artists. Vitor has worked with Ableton Live since 2004, became a specialist and has been teaching electronic music production since 2006, training more than 800 students in his on-site courses.

Will Doggett is a musician, sound designer, and educator based out of Austin, Texas. He is focused on helping people get from the studio to the stage and has spent years using Ableton Live with bands on stage. His focus has been on how to integrate Live with a band for backing tracks, keys sounds, and controlling lights and video. 350c69d7ab


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