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August Shestakov

Open Source Intelligence Techniques Michael Bazzell Pdf Downloadl _TOP_

Earlier this year I received the book "Full Stack Recruiter" by Jan Tegze, who is well known in the recruitment community. His book is aimed at recruiters, and I must say it actually reads a bit like Michael Bazzell's books on open source intelligence techniques. The only difference is that Jan is looking at possible employees and how to find them by searching for their competence, work history, passion and knowledge, where Bazzell is diving into anything that can be investigated with the use of open source information. Even though Jan is focussing on recruitment, the result is a massive book and with 762 pages it has more than 300 more pages than the previous edition. But would this book be any good for someone who is into investigating in general? Someone who is not into recruiting, but does need some information on how to track people or find their online whereabouts? Let's find out!

Open Source Intelligence Techniques Michael Bazzell Pdf Downloadl

Then around chapter 7 he touches the topic of 'OSINT' itself, and explains what the similarities are between recruitment, sourcing and gathering intelligence from open sources by, for instance, law enforcement. He explains the 'intelligence cycle' and after that he jumps back to Google searches. This time he talks about 'Google dorking' (or Google hacking) to highlight how one can use the same king of Google search operators to find sensitive files that are indexed by Google. Dorking isn't only used by hackers nowadays though, and even though the term was coined in the 'hacking scene', it nowadays is used by security professionals, journalists and even sourcers to find useful information that isn't immediately visible on the surface web.

This book is aimed at recruiters and sourcers, but about half of this book has extremely valuable information for anyone who uses open sources to find information on people. The techniques described in this book are very easy to understand, it consists of lots of examples and tips. Nearly every page has a link to a website in the notes, or Twitter profiles you should follow (thanks for the shout-out!) and refers to other books, like the earlier mentioned Open Source Intelligence Techniques by Michael Bazzell. The jump around page 300 or so to mention OSINT and Google Dorking was slightly confusing, but I understand this was the closure of part 1 that dealt with the "finding" of people. I was afraid the second part wasn't so much of interest to me, so I did skip some parts of the book, until I noticed that there's a lot of information in there that can be helpful. The way you should act to connect to people, or to build a network of trustworthy people around you can be used by sourcers, but the same is true about our sock puppets of course!


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