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August Shestakov
August Shestakov

Discover the Secrets and Wonders of Kitaro-Silk Road Theme

i wanted to bring the synthesis of eastern and western sounds, and that's what silk road was, and i hope that i can do something like that again. i'm sure that if i tried to do it now, it would be considered a commercial move, and i think that silk road was that. we tried to make a commercial record that didn't sound commercial.

Kitaro-Silk Road Theme mp3

i think i'm in a unique position in that regard, because i've been making music for a very long time, and i've made a lot of different types of music: classical, trance, new age and oriental. at the same time, i've continued to make fusion type music. in my case, there have been two sides to my music, and i've been trying to reconcile the two. i tried to change the direction of my sound around the time of silk road. then with mandala i said that i wanted to start doing something else. i wanted to go back to making commercial music, but i still wanted to do what i've been doing for the last decade or so. people have tried to put me into a specific box, but i haven't really listened to it. i didn't really say anything about it at the time, and nobody noticed.

with silk road, i think we had a very heavy and dedicated studio audience. we put a lot of effort into the album, because we knew that it would be successful. i don't know how to do it, but we were very motivated to make it, and i was completely involved in the recording, because it was the first time that i didn't simply use samples and use a computer to play the synth myself. i actually did it all with real instruments.

we went back to the studio where we'd recorded all of the songs for the secret world, and we did very long takes, because we had a lot of ideas and a lot of unreleased material that we wanted to include. we wanted to experiment. it was important for me to use real instruments on that album, because i wasn't satisfied with my own playing, and i didn't want to rely on anything that i'd previously recorded. we were playing live instruments, and we were doing sections that were new to us. a lot of it was done live, because we were so concerned with getting the album out that we didn't want to take any risk. so we overdubbed everything. it was very involved and we had a lot of time in the studio. i was living at the studio, and i was just there every day. we used sessions people, but i also used a lot of studio time. we put a lot of work into it.


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