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What is the concept of handicap in football?

What is the Asian handicap? How do you play to ensure a consistently high winning percentage? These are the questions that football betting enthusiasts always wonder about and seek answers to. Today, Wintips will help you expand your knowledge with concise and accurate information below.

Explaining to you what the concept of handicap in football is

In football betting, there are many types of wagers that you can only truly understand and grasp through firsthand experience. Each type has its own identifying features and merits, and depending on preferences and conditions, you can choose the most suitable bet. Among them, the Asian handicap is a relatively new form of betting that brings excitement to enthusiasts.

Similar to European handicap or Asian odds, the Asian handicap provides joy for enthusiasts who immerse themselves in thrilling matches. It also offers highly attractive odds if you dare to wager a significant amount on this type of bet.

Bookmakers set the odds when two teams are analyzed by experts, evaluated to be evenly matched in strength and technique. It's challenging to predict which side will time to win prediction, prompting the decision to open the market for enthusiasts. In recent years, this type of bet has attracted many football fans to register and experience.

While there is inherent risk in betting, especially in football, you can alter this perspective through your own analyses. Acquiring more knowledge and experience in analyzing odds will never be futile in the realm of sports betting. Therefore, delve deeply into this enticing type of bet to start a promising future for yourself.

Are there any tips for placing winning bets on the Asian handicap?

When deciding to engage in this type of betting, besides researching match information, you should also absorb lessons from those who have gone before you. Only then can you quickly place successful bets, bringing in substantial and valuable rewards. Below, M88 will guide you through additional useful information on how to effectively play the Asian handicap.

Does the Asian handicap bring in a lot of winnings? How is it calculated?

This type of betting has three common wagering options that you often come across, and it's not difficult to understand and become proficient in just a few minutes. Therefore, once you've tried the Asian handicap, you'll likely develop a fondness for it and come back to it every day.

  • Betting on the upper team: You will receive a payout if you choose the upper team to win the match with any score.

  • Betting on the lower team: Similar to the above, you also earn money based on the bookmaker's odds if you choose the lower team.

  • Draw bet: This is a unique aspect when playing Asian handicap bets. You will get back your initial bet if the two teams draw.

For example, in a World Cup 2022 match, if you bet $100 on Croatia to win with odds from the first column, the handicap line being 0-0.5 at 0.38. According to the formula 0.38 x 100 = $38, plus the initial stake, you will receive $138. On the other hand, if Morocco wins, you will lose the bet and lose your money, while a draw between the two teams means the player breaks even.

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What are the top-notch experiences when playing the Asian handicap?

To quickly become proficient in this discipline, you need to develop your own effective betting strategies. This could involve thorough research on match information, team fitness, or the timing of the game. Additionally, you should be aware of which renowned players serve as pillars for their teams. Only with this knowledge can you ensure your chances of winning and make successful bets.

Furthermore, it is advisable not to blindly follow anyone's advice for betting. All decisions related to money should be based on your own careful consideration. Placing bets too early is also not recommended; instead, you should monitor the team's situation and make bets in the final moments, as that is considered a golden experience.

Visit a reputable bookmaker to bet on the Asian handicap

If you want to play Asian handicap bets, you can head to the arena of Wintips, which is the perfect destination for enthusiasts. With positive reviews from previous customers, this platform will be the right choice for you. Other names in the industry such as Wintips, Jun88, SM66, VG99, i9bet, are also vibrant and lively playgrounds across Asia, always welcoming new members.


The concept of Asian handicap is no longer a mystery to you after reading the information provided by the football tips win expert team. Through that, you have gained a better understanding of this type of betting and can try it out at any bookmaker. Hopefully, you will excel in the upcoming journey and achieve impressive victories for yourself.


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