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Behaviour Management – Training Course, for teachers

This staff training course on how to manage pupil/student behaviour is set up to be delivered in six workshops. Many of these are divided into several activities. The course can be customised and trimmed to suit the audience and individual school or indeed time available for staff training.

The activities are explained in detail and scripts for workshop leaders are provided for most activities, except the very brief ones.

If workshop leaders feel they need additional preparation before leading this training, they can read my book “Behaviour management in schools” available from Amazon as a paperback or Kindle book.


This course has been designed by an expert in behaviour management who has picked up national awards for work in this field. The pdf contains 62 pages of activities and resources to use in your staff training.

The course is the copyright of ©Ritchie Cunningham and purchase of the package allows the course materials to be duplicated for staff training in one establishment.

The course covers the following topics

Understanding pupil behaviour

Setting clear expectations

Using positive reinforcement

Using consequences

De-escalating challenging behaviour

Reflecting on our practice

Behaviour Management Course

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