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Santiago Rodriguez
Santiago Rodriguez

Heart Choker 2.0

Bouncer has been using this monitor since his heart arrhythmia was first diagnosed almost a year ago. Just recently we were seeing if lowering his medication was appropriate since he had been symptom free. After about 2 weeks he became symptomatic of arrhythmia which was confirmed by the collar. We were able to increase his Calcium blocker while monitoring his pulse. Within 3 days he was in a regular rhythm again. Without this collar we probably would of had to admit him to an ER for continuous monitoring while adjusting his medication. This PetPace monitor allowed us to monitor him at home in a stress free environment. Not only was this a great cost savings, but for me having him home was a godsend. Thank you for this product.

Heart Choker 2.0

Similar to how elements of 80s and 90s style have returned to the forefront of fashion, heart jewelry is back and better than ever. From established brands like Chopard and De Beers to artistic independent designers like Katey Brunini, the newest designs trade the Victorian hearts of yesteryear for bold, graphic shapes that impart a cool vibe, especially when set with glittering natural diamonds.

Heart charms add a playful spirit to the layered necklace story. Go bold with a chunky gold link chain and a big statement heart charm. Or layer on thin chains of varying lengths with a heart pendant that is close to the neck so everyone can see it. Some of the best and brightest heart charms are covered in diamonds or have one center sparkler.

Whether you choose a chunky Marla Aaron diamond heart necklace, bold Carolina Bucci diamond heart ring or awe-inspiring pair of diamond Chopard heart earrings, let your heart jewelry represent your powerful, modern vision of love, strength and femininity. 041b061a72


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