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The Most Popular Types of Football Bets in 2022

Currently, online betting games have become a popular pastime for many people. Recognizing this trend, many bookmakers offer a plethora of bet types with enticing odds. One of the most favored among them is football betting. To easily win bets, you need to have a clear understanding of the various types of football bets. Below are the hottest football bet types and some engaging betting tips shared by bet win tips.

Football Bet Types - Asian Handicap

We can encounter Asian Handicap bets on the betting boards of almost any bookmaker today. As one of the main bet types, its gameplay is quite simple and easy to bet on. Novices often choose Asian Handicap bets as their first betting venture. The task for players is quite straightforward: calculate the odds and make accurate predictions to decide which team is more likely to win.

This type of bet originates from Asia. Another name for it is the 1×2 bet because there are 3 possible outcomes in the direct betting ticket:

1: Bet on the home team to win this match.

2: Bet on the away team.

3: Bet on a draw result.

Every day, after each match, bookmakers publicly disclose the winning odds for each betting outcome. This result is usually based on the actual match outcome to determine the winner. Bettors who bet on the winning outcome will receive corresponding rewards. The results of betting odds are determined and transparent, as matches are played live, and results are announced immediately afterward. Therefore, bettors need not worry about the outcomes provided by asian bookmaker.

Football Bet Types - Asian Handicap

In addition to major tournaments in Europe, Asian matches are also gaining significant attention. They feature heavily on today's betting boards. Compared to Asian Handicap bets, Asian bets are more complex. However, for experienced bettors, this is not a significant issue. Below are some popular Asian bet types.

Level ball 0

In a match where the playing abilities of the teams are almost equal, bettors find it difficult to choose the winning team. That's why bookmakers offer level ball 0 bets in such situations. When you make the correct prediction, you win the bet, and no extra points or goals are given to the underdog team.

Level ball 1/2

This bet type is given by list of betting site in nigeria when they believe the upper team is slightly stronger than the other team. Therefore, they handicap 0.25 goals. At the end of the match, if you bet on the upper team and they win, you win the bet. If they draw, you lose half your bet. And if the lower team wins, you lose the entire bet.

Handicap 1/2

Usually, in a match, one team is evaluated higher by experts than the other team. Therefore, bookmakers offer a 0.5 handicap, meaning they handicap 0.5 goals. After each match, if you bet on the upper team and they win, you'll receive the winning reward. Conversely, if the two teams draw or the lower team wins, you'll lose your entire bet.

Correct score

Many novices participate in correct score bets nowadays. With this type of bet, the winnings are often significant. With just a small amount of money, you can win a large sum. However, this bet type is very difficult to predict and requires a lot of experience. To ensure victory, players should try it out with a small amount of money first. After multiple betting sessions, you can gain experience in analyzing bets.

Half one handicap

When one team's playing ability far exceeds the other team's, bookmakers offer a half-one handicap. Therefore, they handicap more than half a goal for the underdog team. If you bet on the upper team and they win by 2 goals, you'll receive the winning reward. If the upper team wins by 1 goal, you'll receive half your bet. And you'll definitely lose your bet if the two teams draw or the lower team wins. Players can refer to the betting experience of experts and analysts to gain more experience and ensure victory.

Betting Experience in Analyzing Different Types of Bets by Bettors in the Betting Community

Below are the betting experiences in analyzing different types of bets shared by veterans who have been actively participating in the betting world for many years:

Before participating in betting, you need to have a clear understanding of the teams and their playing abilities. Refer to the opinions of analysts and other experienced bettors. Information you need to know includes: match history, form, coach, team lineup, etc.

Absolutely do not choose based on emotions. This can be a significant mistake. When placing bets, players need to keep a clear mind to make the right choices. Especially, avoid falling into bookmakers' traps, such as betting heavily on a team with high odds but many wins. This can lead players to believe they have found a value bet, but in reality, it's a risk. Additionally, players should pay attention to

Prioritize betting on the home team due to the advantages of home ground, coach, referee, audience.

Choose smaller handicap bets, level bets, half-level bets.

When facing neutral matches, prioritize selecting under bets.

Pay attention to important details such as: odds before match time.


Above are the most popular football bet types today. Additionally, betting experience is crucial for bettors to pay attention to. To achieve remarkable victories, follow our articles. The wintips page wishes you all the best of luck in your betting endeavors.


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