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Mario & Luigi: Abenteuer Bowser - So spielen Sie das Rollenspiel auf dem PC

the cutscenes then begin where the duo meet the princess of the day, which happens to be peach, and they receive their next mission, which is to find princess bean and princess waluigi and bring them to bowser's castle for the ceremony to bring the villain back to normal. mario and luigi proceed to the world of color area, where they learn of the existence of princesses bean and waluigi, and then head to bowser's castle to find them. they find princess bean and princess waluigi waiting for them in a cabin in the castle, where the princesses explain that their relationship is more or less on hold due to the coldness of bowser, who is usually a reliable friend for them, but is still their boss. mario and luigi decide to help them by restoring bowser's memories, which they succeed in doing. as bowser regains his memory, he remembers that fawful once promised him that he could have his own castle with him always, as well as a huge army of koopalings to protect him. he then sends the mario bros. and the princesses on a boat to a secluded island.

mario und luigi abenteuer bowser deutsch rom download

on the boat, mario and luigi start to fight off a massive amount of koopa troopas from bowser's insides, but then princess bean has an idea that enables them to conquer bowser's insides. mario and luigi proceed to use a vacuum energy machine to suck bowser's insides out, which is where they encounter an incomplete bowser with an eye. just as bowser recovers his memories, he says that he doesn't want to change after he collects all the dark stars, and leaves his insides in peace. mario and luigi follow the incomplete bowser, which leads them to a gate, where they find the princesses waiting for them. they proceed to the large size island area of bowser's insides, where they are attacked by the dark koopa family. they later encounter dark bowser, who welcomes mario and luigi and requests to be their ally. bowser expresses to them that their magic fizzles when they use it on him and asks them to enter him so he can transform into super mario and test out his new powers.


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